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1. How to order
2. Quality of our products
3. Order Quantity
4. Retail & Wholesale Price
5. Discount Terms
6. Inventory
7. Shipping
8. Payment
9. Dropshipping
10. Risk and Guarantee
11. Reshipping
12. Benefit for regular buyers
13. About Shoes boxes

How to order:
You can place your order on our website, or via phone, or through IM chatting.
Here purchase guide containes steps of purchase.

Quality of our products:
- Our products are top quality come with original packaging.
- Photos listed on our site are took from the products we have in stock. What you see on our website is what you will get.

Order Quantity:
- Even our major business is wholesale, but there is no minimum order quantity required. You can start business with Allbrandstyle from one single item for sample to see how we work and check our products quality.
- If your order quantity reach the wholesale quantity we specificed on our website, you can get wholesale price for each item.
- The more you order, the better price you can get, please refer to our discount terms.

Retail & Wholesale Price:
- If order one item, you can get retail price, that price include shipping and handling.
- If your order over 150 USD, you can get wholesale price for each item.
- We will quote the final price when receive your order and send a confirmation email contains price include shipping and handling to your register email.

Discount terms, special offers and promotions:
- Order over 400 USD, save 4% off
- Order over 600 USD, save 5% off
- Order over 1000 USD, save 6% off
- Order over 2000 USD, save 7% off
- Order over 3000 USD, save 8% off
- We will do special offers sometimes.
- We will do promotions in holidays.

90% items listed on our website are in stock. The new styles which released on our website in 1 month are 100% in stock. If we find any item is sold out and factories don't make it any more, we will take it off. Some sold out items can be restocked shortly. We will email you if any item you want is sold out for replacement.

Normally, payment confirmed orders can be shipped out in 1 - 2 days. What we provide is door to door shipping. If any item you want is out of stock, we will inform you by email, we need you to choose replacement item for sold out item. The shipping tracking numbers will be given to buyers for tracking the position of their orders after shipping.
- Shipping for order which weight below 200 kilograms (e.g.: below 150 pairs shoes):
a. Ship by express service such as EMS, USPS, HongKong Postal Express, Fedex, DHL, UPS etc.
b. It takes 5 - 7 business days for delivery.
- Bulk orders (e.g.: over 500 pair of shoes) can ship by sea or by air.

- We accept many types of payment methods such as bank wire transfer and other types of methods specificed, please contact us for details.
- We don't accept credit card or debit card.
- Full prepayment is required before shipping, we don't do COD.
- You should tell us the payment details and serial numbers of the order you paid for after send payment.
- We don't offer refunds if the goods was shipped.

- We accept drop shipping. You can place orders on our website and update the shipping information to your buyers', then we will ship to your buyers directly.
- Price of drop shipping is the same as normal orders: if ship one item, it's retail price; If order over 150 USD, you can get wholesale price.

Risk and Guarantee
- Almose all orders can safely deliver without any problem. We always guarantee China custom clearance. We can also guarantee the both customs clearance include your side if you pay extra cost, please contact our service term if you want both sides customs clearance.

- If China custom seize the goods, we will reship your order without any fee.
- If custom in your country seize the goods, we need you to pay for reshipping and handling, then we'll do reshipping.

Benefit for regular buyers:
- Regular buyers can get extra discount of 2% off for every order.

About Shoes boxes:
- Let us know if you don't want to receive shoes boxes, we can substract 1.2 USD from the price per pair of shoes.
- We may fold shoes boxes because DHL calculate shipping cost by volume, let us know if you want the shoes come in the boxes, we need extra 8 USD per pair of shoes for extra shipping cost.

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